Skip bins sizes

Selecting your bin

Whatever your project, we can guarantee we’ve got the perfect bin size for you.

Starting at 2m3 we have the smallest bins in the yard. These are perfect for smaller clean ups to get rid of hard rubbish and white goods such as a fridge, washing machine or dryer. They’re also suitable for smaller gardening and landscaping jobs when you have too many branches/stumps/off cuts to fit in the green bin.

The next few skip sizes up from 3-5m3 squared are suitable for similar jobs. They’re also often used for small bathroom or kitchen renovations if you are not tearing out multiple rooms. 

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2m3 Skip Bins
3m3 Skip Bins

medium skip bin

4m3 Skip Bins
6m3 Skip Bins

Large walk In Skips

8m3 Skip Bins
12m3 Skip Bins

Our medium to large skips range from 6 – 10m3 squared. This is the size range that has walk-in ramps so you don’t have to lift heavy objects up over the edge of the skip. This is something to take into consideration if your project will result in larger pieces of waste might be worth choosing a skip with a walk in ramp or gate.

The largest skips we have available are great for building projects and demolitions. As discussed above having a walk in ramp is essential for loading larger waste types. If you have a large scale demolition or renovation project we are able to empty your skip and return it the same day so you can continue filling for a second or third extraction.